Check out the short film starring Detroit native J.K. Simmons that became 'Whiplash'


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J.K. Simmons, the Detroit native who recently won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as a not-mellow-whatsoever music teacher in "Whiplash," offered some humble words when he accepted his award, urging everyone to "call your Mom ... call your Dad."

"If you're lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call them ... as long as they want to talk to you," he said. 

Well, if you haven't seen "Whiplash" yet (you should), this may be news to you: the film actually began as a short. And now, the short has surfaced online. From Slate

[I]t offers a look at how this film might have been in an alternate universe. It’s clear that, with this scene at least, little changed in the film’s transition from short film to feature—the dialogue matches almost word for word, and Simmons is just as terrifying and unsettling—except for one crucial difference: Here young actor Johnny Simmons plays the lead role that Miles Teller would eventually perform to great acclaim. It may be subtle, but the actors approach the same character just a bit differently. As Dr. Fletcher begins to hurl insults (and a chair) at Andrew, Simmons appears more visibly shaken and hurt almost immediately.

Check out the short below.