Zine in the mail makes us happy


Typical layout of zine by Julia Eff.
  • Typical layout of zine by Julia Eff.

Basically, at Metro Times, there are two kinds of mail you receive. One is the dowdy business-size envelope with a press release from some faceless government or corporate entity.

The other is a visual fiesta of an envelope festooned with only the coolest recent stamps, meaning somebody has sent you a zine.

It works like this:


The zine in question is Every Thug is a Lady: Adventures without Gender, and it's a perfect bound little thing, very attractive, by a zinester who goes by Julia Eff. Once upon a time, we profiled her. Since then, she has been a Metro Times intern and is actually still out there writing zones, and hoping to sell enough of them to make a down payment on a house in Detroit. Sounds like a noble goal.

Curious? Want to learn more? Send an email to Julia Eff at psycho.zine@yahoo.com.