Detroit Bikes profiled in new Microsoft ad


Detroit Bikes' Henry Ford II. - PHOTO BY AMI VITALE
  • Photo by Ami Vitale
  • Detroit Bikes' Henry Ford II.

There's a whole lot of corporate synergy in Microsoft's latest ad campaign, which highlights Detroit Bikes, while also namechecking Quicken Loans, Detroit Venture Partners, New Belgium Brewing, and Ford — sort of.

The Ford in question is actually Detroit Bikes' master builder, Henry Ford II, pictured above. No relation to the other Henry Ford — his grandfather worked for FoMoCo and named his son after him.

According to Microsoft, the spot kicks off a series dedicated to entrepreneurship in Detroit. (Oddly, Microsoft products are never mentioned in the spot.) It's not the first time Detroit bicycling entrepreneurs have been profiled by a tech giant for an ad, either. Last year, Apple used Jason Hall and the Slow Roll in an iPad spot.

Watch the Microsoft spot below: