'Knight Rider' in Spanish? Meet 'El Coche Fantástico'!



I spent my teen years in Miami, where naturally I studied Spanish, and even got pretty good at it. I'd lived in Cleveland until the age of 10; here in South Florida I could watch South American and Spanish television shows, whether original programming or dubbed series a la the (in retrospect, unimaginatively named) Knight Rider. Is there Spanish language TV in the Detroit area? I don't know, as I'm one of those annoying people who doesn't have either regular TV or cable.

In general, these shows were more vibrant, and sexy, and the volume even seemed to be louder on the things. I'd like to say that watching Spanish language TV as a pre-pubescent aided in my language acquisition; I was probably watching it because there was a bit more T&A than on the Spanish-deprived stations. Anyway, so this is how I discovered that Knight Rider in Spanish is called El Coche Fantástico. Since learning this, I've always referred to my pickup truck as such, when no one else is around.  

This has been a public service announcement regarding what Knight Rider is called in the Spanish language. Perhaps sometime soon we'll explore what Knight Rider is called in another language. I doubt it'll be quite as excellent, but who knows?