When Internet jokers make good: 'Kung Fury' is out



Last year, we had a blast at the office watching the trailer for Kung Fury. When work stress would begin taking its toll on us, we'd resort to this two-minute-plus mashup of cop movie, sci-fi, retro-'80s, Viking age, and hacker flick. Every time, it worked, evoking laughter from every one of our twisted staffers.

You may remember that the trailer was a bid for funding for the full movie. Well, guess what, kids? It's done and out. And it's a cinematic masterpiece on par with Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury, complete with a Speed Racer-influenced animated segment. Is this ridiculous satire, or have these people just invented the formula for the movie of the future?

You be the judge. Have a look right now.