Watch: Stephen Colbert took over a public access show in Monroe



This is weird. Apparently, comedian Stephen Colbert and his new Late Show crew stopped by Monroe, Mich. on Monday, where Colbert took over Monroe Public Access Cable Television and hosted his own 40-minute show, "Only in Monroe." Today, the episode was posted to the Late Show’s YouTube channel

"Since my last show ended in December, I've been itching to host a talk show again, but my new theater is not ready yet," Colbert explains at the top of the show. "So I decided to head over to Monroe, Mich., look around, and give it a Michigander."

It might just be us, but we think the lack of a laugh track makes Colbert oddly funnier.

Over the course of the episode, Colbert discusses plenty of fun facts you probably didn't know about Monroe, and later interviews Eminem. After the taping, Colbert and his crew reportedly stopped at Larson’s Bar on S. Telegraph Rd. for burgers and beers.

The Late Show debuts on Sept. 8. Watch the video below: