Spend the night in an amusement park with Cedar Point's Coaster Campout


  • Screenshot, Cedar Point Coaster Campout Facebook

By day, amusement park goers catch thrills, stuff our faces with fried foods, and empty our pockets hoping, nay praying, that this is the year we'll walk away with a giant stuffed animal prize from that absurdly tricky carnival game. But what happens after the guests go home and the park shutters for the night?

Well, Cedar Point is now offering folks the opportunity to find out. 

As part of National Roller Coaster Day, Cedar Point officials are opening the park up after dark for a Coaster Campout Aug. 15 - 16 that will allow guests to pitch their tents and sleep under the coasters, as well as gain access to the park, to meals, and more. The overnight will set guests back about $200, but each campsite can accommodate four people.

A full itinerary and ticket information can be found right here and the event Facebook page can be perused right here.

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