Five things you didn't know about Faygo's 'Boblo Boat' commercial



1) To the best of our knowledge, the commercial was not shot on one of the Boblo Boats. Perhaps the warm associations Detroiters had with the boat gave rise to some wishful remembering.

2) The song was released on vinyl with extra verses. The lyrics are all so absolutely corny that few listeners survived hearing them, with the exception of very old ladies, kittens, and a few pet rocks.

3) The singer was jingle crooner Kenny Karen, who sang more than 15,000 jingles between 1966 and 2000. 

4) The lyrics were written by jingle master Ed Labunski, who penned the "This Bud's for you" jingle. Labunski died in a car crash in 1980. He was 43.

5) Two versions of the commercial are available online, one with lyrics and a bouncing ball, one without.