Want to get paid to play with Legos? Michigan Legoland seeks master builder


  • Courtesy photo

If you were an "indoor kid" growing up, this might be a dream job for you.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan, an indoor attraction will open in Great Lakes Crossing in spring 2016, is seeking a full-time salaried staff member to be a "master model builder."

That's right. You could get paid to build things out of Legos.

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan is currently seeking applications for the position on its website. Finalists will then audition as part of a competition during a two-day "Brick Factor event held Jan. 9 and 10 at Great Lakes Crossing, which will involve timed design challenges.

In the meantime, enjoy "Everything is Awesome!!!" from the Lego Movie, which we're sure is going to be played nonstop at Legoland Discovery Center Michigan (or at least in your head when you get this job).