New York Times reviews Detroiter's newest Detroit play


Playwright Dominique Morisseau.
  • Playwright Dominique Morisseau.

These days, it's not too hard for a playwright, even a relatively celebrated one, to fly under most people's radar. How else to explain the dearth of coverage received by Detroit's own Dominique Morisseau, playwright of Detroit '67Paradise Blue, Sunset Baby, Follow Me To Nellie’s, Blood at the Root, and her newest play, Skeleton Crew? Like, she doesn't even have a Wikipedia page!

Taking a few steps from playwright August Wilson, Morisseau has created a trilogy of Detroit plays. The first, Detroit '67 won the Kennedy Prize two years ago. The second, Paradise Blue, chronicles Detroit's jazz milieu in the late 1940s. The last is Skeleton Crew; Morisseau was in town in October for a reading of that play, which centers on the vulnerability felt by the workers at one of the last small factories in Detroit. That play is now on stage at Atlantic Stage 2 in New York, and garnered a good, long review in the New York Times yesterday

Into live theater and want to see how Detroit's hard times get spun into a critically celebrated theatrical work? Check out the review and see if you don't at least crack a smile of hometown pride.