Update: the weird Arby's worker vid has been remixed


  • YouTube screenshot
By now you've surely seen the video of the 'weird Royal Oak Arby's worker' describing the scene of an accident

(And hopefully you took the time to read through our story and realize yes, we did know this was not real. Shout out to Andrew Bowser for getting people all riled up.) 

Well, as predicted, the video has now been remixed, thanks to experimental musician Dywane Thomas Jr., who goes by MonoNeon. He added music to the video that mimics and harmonizes every word 'weird Arby's guy' says. 

The bassist from Memphis has a laundry list of remixed viral vids that are worth checking out, plus a tribute to Phife Dawg that's pretty dope. 

Check 'em out and keep the Internet weird.