Filson, Seattle-based retailer, is now open in Midtown


Midtown, home to stores like Shinola, City Bird, Nest, Cass Corridog, Source Booksellers, and Tulani Rose, welcomes a new retail offering this morning.

Filson, a Seattle-based retailer that's owned by the same company as Shinola, has opened up on Canfield near its sister store. It's the retailer's first Michigan location, but its 10th nationwide. 

The shop sells beautiful yet prohibitively expensive outdoor clothing and gear. A pair of socks goes for $32, a men's button-up is $98, a nondescript tote is $95, a "square scarf" is $60 — you get the point.

View 34 photos of things we love but can't afford at Filson.

The shop is third in succession of Shinola-related shops that have set up on the block with little success. Willy's opened in 2014 and shuttered earlier this year, Filson is taking its place. Fellow Barber, an upscale barber shop, lasted a whole five months. 

With high-end neighbors like John Varvatos, Will Leather Goods, and, of course, Shinola, we often wonder who's shelling out the loot to keep these stores open. If you're a (metro) Detroiter who has $450 to spend on a pair of boots — hello, can we be friends?