'Jeopardy' gets question about Detroit Free Press wrong


Ah Jeopardy, television's pinnacle of knowledge, the only primetime show on basic cable that won't make you dumber.

For years, the show has been giving the folks at home the chance to work that head muscle they've got and yell at the TV, all while feeling the sweet satisfaction that superiority grants. 

And on Monday night during a Power Players episode that featured novelist Jonathan Franzen, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, and CNN's S.E. Cupp, it wasn't just the contestants whose erroneous responses gave viewers the chance to go 'NUH-UH!' It was one of the questions.

'OH, I know this one! It's Detroit Free Press!' said All Of Us At Home.

Jonathan Franzen answered correctly because he's a genius. Way to go Jonathan. 

But wait. Something's not right. That date, it seems...wrong. 

Oh boy. 

Welp, someone on staff screwed up (silly humans) and lucky for them, no one besides the Free Press (and maybe MAYBE a few really smart people at home) seemed to care notice. 


And of course, you can't have a woman on TV without someone commenting on her clothing. 

Thanks again, Twitter. Although J. Franz may hate you, we think you make everything better. Well, at least television.