Samantha Bee finds out that 'Most Lives Matter' at RNC


  • Screenshot from YouTube

Ahh, Samantha Bee, you glorious, glorious woman. The (only) Queen of late night TV was at the Republican National Convention last week and had a ball poking fun at all the white people Republicans who fail to acknowledge that Black Lives Matter is an actual movement. 

Bee's "Sam Squad" took to the Quicken Loans Arena (shoutout Danny G!) in Cleveland to find out why the members of the GOP can't wrap their head around, or even say the words out loud, "Black Lives Matter."

Most of the answers from these people were simply, "well, All Lives Matter" while some don't even know what the movement is simply about. Luckily, a few people actually showed — oh what's the know, when you feel for another person...? Oh, right! Empathy!

Check out the video below and LONG LIVE SAMANTHA BEE!!