Marijuana social network is coming — for seniors!


Marijuana isn't just for teenagers anymore. - SHUTTERSTOCK
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  • Marijuana isn't just for teenagers anymore.

Take it as an indicator in the rapidly changing world of cannabis use, but a group of senior citizens are organizing their own social network to discuss marijuana. Clearly, it’s not just for teenagers anymore.

The group, the Seniors 420 Network, is a way for seniors who use marijuana recreationally and medically to find one another. Proposed goals include finding friends or roommates, identifying business opportunities, buying and selling items, learning tips or tricks, and, of course, organizing to challenge laws against cannabis.

The group is founded by entrepreneur and Detroit native Catherine Masters, who says, “We’re a very vibrant group of people who truly understand the value marijuana gives us. Most seniors are on way too many meds and marijuana gives us an alternative to them.” Initially, the group is to communicate by newsletter, with a website being the end-of-year goal.

It might be just the thing to help older folks, perhaps bewildered by the array of strains, medibles, and other products such as shatter, to navigate a much-expanded world than the ones of yesteryear, which involved lighting up corona-sized bombers and listening to Grand Funk Railroad.

Seriously, though, if you’re interested, Masters can be reached at