10 mom-friendly places in metro Detroit where you can breastfeed your kid in peace


I have a running list of things I never thought about before I had a kid. And one of those things is where in the actual you-know-what can I breastfeed my kid without exposing myself to the entire universe.

Listen, ladies, I know it's our right and there ain't nothing in the world wrong with feeding your baby in public because that's what breasts are for. But, some of us just don't feel 100 percent comfortable doing it, say, in the bleachers at a Tigers game. And don't even talk to me about nursing covers because there is no way on God's green earth that my kid is going to let some piece of fabric lightly rest of his face while having his afternoon snack.

So, as a gift to all those moms out there, we compiled a list of super fun mom- and kid-friendly places in metro Detroit that make an effort to provide a private, comfortable place to breastfeed your babe, and maybe also a power outlet so you can charge your phone while you're at it. 

Comerica Park
Just last year Comerica Park was failing to provide a clean environment for breastfeeding mothers to feed their children (or pump if they're away from their kids), but have made huge efforts to remedy the situation after a local mother called them out on Facebook. Now the stadium offers a nursing lounge replete with a bright orange couch and a flat screen TV. 

Detroit Zoo
Travel way down past the polar bear exhibit and you'll find an air-conditioned lactation room with a TV, changing table, and a sink, but if little Ruby is in need of a nosh before that, you can stop and nurse her on one of the zoo's many secluded benches.
Toledo Zoo
Feed little Aiden al fresco in the secluded Formal Gardens, or use Nature's Neighborhood if you'd rather be indoors. According to zoo officials you can also ask to use a private conference room if neither of those areas work for you. 

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

This kid-friendly attraction located inside Great Lakes Crossing has a "quiet room" that breastfeeding mothers can use for a quick time out and snack session.

Imagination Station Toledo
Bonus points to Imagination Station for not only providing a padded rocker, low lighting, and a changing table in this nursing room, but for also installing a one-way mirror that allows moms to watch their older kids while enjoying a sweet respite with their younger babies. 

Detroit Institute of Arts
The DIA just unveiled this special moms-only area in March and the lockable lounge, located just off of the Farnsworth Street entrance, features an armchair and ottoman, a changing table, and an electrical outlet. The entrance to the lounge is adorned with Italian artist Alceo Dossena’s marble sculpture “Madonna and Child.”

Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum
What this area lacks in size it makes up for in a cozy rocker for nursing moms. Bonus points for that pack of Lysol wipes available for your convenience. 

Briarwood Mall
OK, this is what we're talking about. This mother's room/nursing room has cushy couches, soft lighting, power outlets, and even a flat screen TV. It's located just outside of the Van Maur department store near the kiddie play area. 

Nordstrom at Twelve Oaks Mall and Somerset Collection
I always take points away when the nursing room is in some way attached to the bathroom. I don't know about you, but I don't really want to eat my lunch anywhere near the place where people relieve themselves and I don't expect my baby to either. The Nordstrom department stores at Twelve Oaks and Somerset Collection both have decent nursing rooms with modest amenities, but they are attached to the bathroom. 

The Big House, University of Michigan
Nursing moms will find three stations set up with dividers inside this nursing room. Each has a table, chair, and a power strip, plus the room is outfitted with a TV and stocked with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, paper towel, and tissue. 

Okay, now watch this video because this woman is so, so right.