RIP man bun — you can now decorate your beard with jewelry


A hipster with beard jewelry. Sadly, this is not a joke. - VIA INSTAGRAM
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  • A hipster with beard jewelry. Sadly, this is not a joke.

The hipsters have done it agains, folks.

Just when you thought that dudes with long hair and beards were going to silently fade away into the abyss, we find out that jewelry for men's beards is a thing now and all we want to do is crawl into a hole until 2016 is over.

Some "lifestyle brand" (whatever the fuck that means) called Krato Milano has been developing this beard jewelry for over a year, according to a press release on their website.


Just let that sink in for a minute...

You good? Great — moving on. 

So yes, an entire year has been devoted to making jewelry that easily clips on to any man's beard for the guy who wants to "express their individuality in eccentric, yet sophisticated ways." 


Now don't get us wrong, dudes should be able to wear any kind of jewelry whenever the hell they want, but this just seems a little too much, don't you think? 

So if you feel like walking around with a tiny skull clipped in your beard while strangers probably think you have some crumbs from that sandwich you just ate, click here! 

And in the mean time, watch this promotional video. 

Hopefully we're being trolled and this isn't a real thing. But something tells me this is real. 

Goodbye, world.