Another chance to see the hilarious 'Fish Dinner' in Northville this week


Quentin Hicks will have you ROFLing in Northville. - COURTESY TIPPING POINT THEATRE
  • Courtesy Tipping Point Theatre
  • Quentin Hicks will have you ROFLing in Northville.

There are a few days left to get tickets for what’s probably one of the strongest examples of homegrown Detroit comedy in the last few years.

It’s called Fish Dinner, and at the center of the show is local comedy powerhouse Quentin Hicks.

Hicks has an astonishing ability to take on characters the way some people make faces. But these are no caricatures: In fact, they almost smack you in the face with their seeming authenticity. We saw him 12 years ago at Planet Ant’s Business as Unusual and were struck by his off-the-charts characterizations. He’s only grown better since.

And it only makes sense that Tipping Point Theatre should offer a reprise of the successful piece. It’s a one-man show that “stretches the limits of character performance and improvisation to introduce you to a world of unique and unforgettable characters.”

Not only does that sound right in Hicks’ wheelhouse, the play received a Wilde Award, a local honor bestowed on the best Detroit-area productions — and they’re not handed out like candy. Although Hicks wrote the play and performs it all, the deft direction of local improv comedy veteran Dave Davies deserves some credit as well.

The Tipping Point Theatre, which has lately been packing them in in Northville, still has tickets available for the three-performance engagement.

Showtimes are 6 and 8 p.m. Oct. 29, and 7 p.m. Oct. 30, at Tipping Point Theatre, 361 E. Cady St., Northville; tickets are $25 in advance by calling the box office at 248-347-0003 or at