This Jack White meme is the best thing you'll see all day


As I'm sure you all know, the Chicago Cubs made history last night in what will go down as one of the best baseball games, like...ever.

Seriously, though. We can already tell that some Hollywood big shot is probably finding some young wunderkind to start working on the screenplay of the 2016's World Series for an Oscar-worthy movie that will come out in like 5 years.

While our hearts break for the city of Cleveland, (hey, Cleveland Scene!) we still can't help but feel a little but of joy for the Cubs. Oh, and for Bill Murray, too.

What really had us going was when we came across this hilarious Internet meme of our beloved Jack White, looking sad, and wearing a Cubs uniform.


Known as the "Sad Jack White meme," it originated when White was at a Cubs game back in 2014 and was caught on camera giving the power frown. Like many memes, it has blown up and forever has a lasting impact on Internet culture.

So thanks Internet for this glorious photo. And go Cubs!