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It's finally legal to drink on cycle pubs in Detroit


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You've seen them creeping past you in downtown Detroit. They're pedal-powered covered wagons and they escort locals and tourist alike on pub crawls around the city.

But, until now it hasn't exactly been legal to drink on these so-called "cycle pubs." We're not saying that people didn't drink on them before, we're just saying that maybe it was against the law. OK, it was against the law.

But, no longer! It's now officially OK to drink on those cycle pubs as the Detroit City Council has passed legislation that allows cycle pub passengers to imbibe alcohol while they pedal.

At a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 22, City Council voted unanimously to amend an old ordinance, making it 100 percent legal to drink on cycle pubs in downtown Detroit. The legislation is effective immedietly.

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