This 'Humans of Macomb' post really hit home for a lot of people


If you haven't been following the new series from Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton about Macomb County then we highly suggest you do — they have been heartbreaking, fascinating, and extremely insightful to the people who make up the county that is north of Detroit.

One post in particular that was published yesterday really struck us as something. In fact, it basically sums up how the country has been feeling lately — a lack of economic security that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton promised they would fix in the campaign.

These ideas of not being able to pull yourself up and not making a livable wage are totally themes that the Democratic party would capitalize on, but instead, Donald Trump did that and won the votes for a lot of blue collar working people. Whether or not he goes through on those promises is yet to be seen, but this post perfectly sums up the feeling and anxieties that many voters felt.

We don't know if this man voted for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but his words hit a lot of people like a sucker punch to the chest.

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