The Dirty Show is celebrating 18 years with a dirty, dirty show


  • David Carny.

Happy 18th Birthday, Dirty Show! You're finally legal and you know what that means? Cigs! Porn! Lottery tickets! Tattoos! Adult jail! And for the Dirty Show, renowned Czech artist David Černy will be making his first visit to Detroit as a special guest artist to celebrate the beloved alt-art event.

Just a simple Google search of Černy's name will show you that this guy is a pretty big deal. He is known as the Czech Republic's most famous artist — a huge title, but completely true.

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Černey's work was thrust into the spotlight when he infamously painted the then Soviet Tank Memorial statue pink in 1991. He was thrown into jail after, but it sure as hell made people remember his name.

Since then, Černy's art has stayed political, provocative, and always endearing. He sculpts strange pieces like two men pissing towards each other, a car with legs, and an old man hanging over a building to name just a few.

This sculpture is ofter referred to as "The Hanging Man." - COURTESY PHOTO.
  • Courtesy photo.
  • This sculpture is ofter referred to as "The Hanging Man."

The Dirty Show will take place the Russell Industrial Center (1600 Clay St, Detroit) and will run from February 10-18. Tickets are $30 in advance and can be found here. In the mean time, check out some dirty photos from last year's expo.