Detroiters took more Lyft rides to Selden Standard than any other restaurant in 2017


While Detroit didn't nab any spots on their list of national "Lyftie Awards," ride-sharing app Lyft did take the time to calculate the Motor City's most popular destinations.

The Lyftie Awards are a year-end tally of rides and destinations with the most passenger drop-offs, and not surprisingly, Detroiters favored stops at hip restaurants, craft beer bars, and music venues.

Somewhat heartwarmingly, people are not just using the app to transport them to wherever the booze is — they're also using the service to get to cultural institutions like the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Find below a list of the most popular Detroit destinations in 2017.

Most Visited Restaurant: Selden Standard
Most Visited Bar: HopCat Royal Oak
Most Visited Event Space: Little Caesars Arena
Most Visited University: Henry Ford College
Only In Detroit: The Qube (formerly known as Chase Tower)
Trending Destination: Detroit Institute of Arts